The site of a groups' action or product.

Spatial agency also takes place in the creation and dissemination of knowledge. Outputs are aimed at the architectural discipline itself or a broader public; they might be DIY publications, exhibitions or take other web-based formats.

Organisation/organisational structure
Practice itself can be the field for spatial agency. This is when the very set up of practice defines the parameters within which projects happen. Examples include workers and other co-operatives, practices which work in explicitly collaborative and interdisciplinary ways, groups that start with an overtly political or ethical agenda.

Physical relations
Physical reality within spatial agency favours multi-use spaces, structures that are adaptable, projects that privilege the passage of time and acknowledge the realities of users' changing needs and the inevitable transformations of space. In dealing with the temporality of the site they consider aspects that are rarely accounted for in a profession that sees its responsibilities limited to the here and now.

Social relations

Social relations are another field for spatial agency. Addressing social relations, practices seek to change power relations through subverting and challenging private claims to space.