Group – Manchester, United Kingdom

1976 onwards


Urbed (Urbanism, Environment and Design) are an urban design and consultancy practice based in Manchester. Founded in 1976 in London, they also have a sister organisation there specialising in economic development consultancy. Urbed Manchester concentrate on urban design and consultancy with a long-term commitment to a socially sustainable and equitable approach, which they translated into their own organisational structure through becoming a worker's co-operative in 2006.

Working with local authorities as well as private developers, Urbed specialise in community involvement, acknowledging that for residents to have a meaningful input within the design process a working knowledge of the processes involved is necessary. For this Urbed have developed training courses for tenants, devised urban interventions and organised bus tours of new and old regeneration projects, in order to empower residents to make informed decisions about their homes and neighbourhoods. The majority of Urbed's work has been in masterplanning and the production of design guides and consultancy reports for local authorities across the North of the UK and some private developers. Urbed have recently begun publishing, Urban Scrawl, an in-house journal that reflects on issues of urban design and regeneration, acting as a forum for more speculative work.

Other Work

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