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The influence of contemporary spatial agency is enhanced by access to new forms of publication and dissemination, sometimes through specialist independent publishers who are experimenting with creative modes of dissemination, often through a combination of old and new media and through utilising local networks. The types of work these publishers produce is also very different from that of commercial publishing houses and is generally more experimental in nature. Whilst alternative modes of publishing such as zines are more geared towards self-publishing and the quick generation and distribution of material, the publishers included in this section produce peer-reviewed work.

Some self-published books also have their own internal review process and experiment with more egalitarian modes of dissemination, including the use of creative commons licenses, for example the book, UrbanACT, was distributed through local networks and under the principle of 'one book sold/one book free' at a fixed cost. These and other initiatives, including those listed below, are working towards freeing knowledge and its distribution from the stranglehold of commercial publishing that often stifles creativity and experimentation.

b-books was founded in 1996 in Berlin as a publisher, bookshop and cultural center that later also became involved in film production. It emerged from a network of self-managed spaces, temporary institutions and arts related organisations, including An Architektur, sharing a common interest in issues related to the constitution of publics and counter-publics. Through a series of events, exhibitions and actions the bookshop has become an important meeting place and venue, whilst b_books continue to publish on art and urban practice and the public sphere.

Praxis (e) Press is an open access e-book publishing house, which specialises in critical works on theory and practice, including anarchist, anti-racist, environmentalist, feminist, marxist, postcolonial, poststructuralist, queer, situationist and socialist perspectives.

Re-public is a free on-line journal on contemporary politics, theory and practice which operates through open calls for thematic issues with related projects, workshops and podcasts.

Eurozine is a network of European journals that acts as a hosting site, linking partner journals and magazines. It emerged from an informal network of European journals and magazines in 1983 as a forum to exchange ideas and experiences. Since then, with the new opportunities available through web-publishing, Eurozine was formally founded in 1998 as an independent platform for writing related to European politics and culture. The format of Eurozine allows it to combine the best of old and new media, publishing the best articles from partner journals on a free and multi-lingual site that considerably increases the exposure of those involved.

e-flux is an art journal from New York, established in 2008, which has recently started a print-on-demand service, with a network of local bookshops across a number of countries. The sellers are able to print and distribute the journal locally, either free or at a price determined according to local conditions, whilst a free on-line version of the journal remains available.

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