Group – Brussels, Belgium

1997 onwards

Constant is a non-profit association based in Brussels whose core members are artists, Nicolas Malevé, An Mertens, Femke Snelting, Peter Westenberg and technologist, Wendy Van Wynsberghe. Since 1997 they have worked at the intersection of art and new media using web-based platforms for collaborative work and user participation. Their approach to technology is overtly feminist, starting from the premise that technical issues cannot be separated from social issues. They also emphasise the importance of access to technology and the important role that software and interface design play in this. Their working method includes workshops, events, design and publishing, working within a copy-left ethos: one of their projects is actively seeking out and testing open source alternatives to the monopoly of professional graphic design software. Other projects include Saturday workshops for women researchers, activists and designers who want to learn about digital technology and collaborative working; this resulted in the setting up of a common space in the form of a collective server as well as the physical space of their regular, weekly meetings.

Other Work

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'OSP - Open Source Publishing - Design Tools For Designers', [accessed 11 August 2010].

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"We have integrated software and computers in our everyday life … In our art practice, like in our daily operations with software, software has become the interface with our environment, our utensil, our tool to sense, touch and define our work."
- 'Constant', in AAA and PEPRAV (eds) UrbanACT (Paris: AAA/Peprav, 2007), p. 50.


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