Group – Latin America

2001 onwards

Supersudaca are a group of young Latin American architects who met and studied at the Berlage Institute in Rotterdam. In 2001, following the realisation that education within a European setting had left them with inadequate knowledge of their own context, the group set up a collaborative network that would bring together those working in architecture across Latin America. The original group of nine is now spread throughout the continent in their respective home countries of Peru, Argentina, Uruguay, Chile and Curaçao. Whilst their early work was funded by arts and cultural grants, they have since obtained state-funding and worked on commercial projects. Supersudaca's working method has included exhibitions, actions in public space, seminars and workshops with students from various universities across the world; these and other events in academic settings are often used to launch projects.

Supersudaca's projects whilst serious and strategic are always deliberately optimistic and their main projects to date have been research based. Sudapan was a tongue-in-cheek alternative to the European housing competition, Europan, and dealt with the increasing conflicts arising from tourism related developments in the Caribbean. They have also researched experimental social housing in Lima, Peru, and more recently they have won a competition to design social housing in Ceuta, Spain.

Other Work

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"SuperSudaca is about embracing a common ground while defying prejudice in the process. As such, it involves a healthy dose of humor and an optimistic yet critical attitude which translates itself into innovative actions."
- Supersudaca;


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