The means through which this action or product is achieved.

This can include the taking of another's property for one's own purposes (either legally or illegally, short-term or long-term), or through highlighting abandoned or unoccupied space.

This is about the way knowledge is distributed, how it is spread and to whom, as well as the opening up of discussions for a wider debate.

Allowing others to 'take control' over their environment, being participative without being opportunistic; something that is pro-active instead of re-active.

This can be a way of working where a core group of people expands according to each project and the expertise it requires, or a core group that builds its projects around its networks; these are hardly ever static groups and they are highly interdisciplinary and collaborative in nature.

A tactic / strategy that uses existing policies, guidelines, buildings, etc. for purposes other than those they were designed for.